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Write to write, stream of thought:

Been ‘cleaning house’ metaphorically and literally.

I’ve actually always been a minimalist, since I was 7 or 8 -ask my mom. I would just give stuff away to my friends. ‘Oh you like that, here.’

Stuff is just stuff to clean. Unnecessary furniture pieces require unnecessary decorative pieces which inevitably collect dust, thus becoming a chore. A weight on how you use your time.

And what is really being displayed? A feeling the object elicits (memory: items from travels or a gift) and/or an image projected, entirely purchased for design. I have both types, too, yes. I’m not trying to be an asshole, just making an observation worth considering.

The author of this Tidying Up book has made tremendous waves, understandably and Thank Goodness. I believe the main reason it has, is because the collective behavior is about consumption and the perpetuation of getting- and then wanting more. When you pause to consider whether this behavior makes you happy…no, not really. Things are heavy. Stuff weighs you down. A cluttered environment is a stressful mind, it’s something else to maintain and tend to. Every woman will admit to the too small clothing piece: dress or pants in her closet -she cant bare to get rid of- actually makes her depressed because it represents an old self or an ideal unworthy of the current time and effort. Another form of guilt. Consider how Steve Jobs wore only black turtle necks and jeans specifically because it was one less decision to make in his day. Brilliant.

Ive been writing this blog for years (and I still have only 5 subscribers i think! lol) and one thing I’ve said repeatedly and behaved accordingly to: you can’t desire something if you don’t even know it exist. Wanting to eliminate commercials from my life was the main reason I never had a tv. Never subscribing to magazines was how I removed ‘ideals’ of makeup-beauty-fashion from my life. In the current media environment, I still don’t follow these types of accounts on instagram. If a man wants a healthy relationship, stop watching porn. (or way way way less)  Yep, just said that.

In the last 12 years, have I ever felt like I was missing out of consumerism, dressing out of fashion, behaving backwards to forward thinking-progressive intellectual thought? No, no, and no.

I follow two interior design blogs. I follow fewer fashion blogs. When you consider FOMO -fear of missing out- it’s really because there is SO MUCH choice and option. So much DOES NOT equal Quality. Let me repeat, a lot is not better or good. At first it’s really new and exiting; then you realize it sucks your own ideas and character away from yourself. Participating in the behavior of new, exciting, desiring and wanting is essentially ignoring what is best for you, and unsatisfying…potentially just depressing.

So, saying this too: you don’t need new stuff or things.

If you hang around people that elevate ‘stuff and things’, find new people. I do not, and will never admire you for your purchases.

We only need:

  • products with a purpose (do you need 3 lotions? 3 shampoos?)
  • clothes that are efficient and make us feel good. One can have fashion in the form of quality made, longterm pieces, i.e. a time capsule wardrobe, essential pieces that stand the test of time. The French do this really well. Dressing in frivolous trendy things often lacks class.
  • home decor that makes us feel good. We often keep things out of guilt.


I don’t need to read the book to recite the premise of it. You don’t need a book, a commercial, an advertisement either to decide what inherently matters.

I have been quietly so excited about the book’s success though, and the benefit it has been giving people.

[jeez, I didn’t even write what’s really been on my mind the last two weeks: extremely diverging various diets and finding what works for you]

Thank you for your time.



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