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We have every excuse not to send handwritten letters. Truthfully, they’re relegated to Thank You notes for attending showers and weddings. But, this doesn’t mean we don’t still harbor the sentiment. No longer is there an excuse to not show it. We are already tied to our electronics; now you can simulate the same experience. Check out this super cool Felt App

And, well, if you don’t have any ‘warm and fuzzy’s’ for someone else, you can mail your FUTURE SELF a postcard. I’m not joking. A place in Shanghai is allowing you to do just that.

Ok, so that’s cool. Now, i need a place to sit down and get this done. What about this floating table?!



I love this visual concept of time. Have fun with this site. Here Is Today. It puts time to scale.

Get to writing, the clock is ticking!

BrockaSay it Ain’t So

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