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News to me: Anne Frank was not the only young chronicler of the Nazi Occupation.


Books are harder for me to get rid of than clothes. Even if I think i may wear something again, i hand it off easily. But even knowing I won’t actually read a book again, i still hoard it. I like the eye appeal of my well-stocked book shelves. I’d rather be better read than most fashionable any day.  What do you do with old books? Cookbooks I’m absolutely certain to not use, I donated to a local cooking school or gave away to friends they suited, i.e. David Lebovitz’s chocolate book to a sweet-tooth phene. My most treasured is a 1865 German Bible i have sealed in plastic. It was already showing obvious signs of vintage; I don’t want it to further decay.

I love the thematic creativity here. A woman made brooches out of classic books which have fallen apart.


Speaking of phene’s, I was absolutely addicted to X-Files back in the day. I remember it came on after the Simpsons. There wasn’t a Sunday evening i missed. This was an interesting article: X-Files Writer on How to Tell a Great Horror Story

Furthermore, this isn’t horror, but I just finished reading a book forwarded to me by a Linkedin connection called The Pakistan Conspiracy. If you’re a fan of Brad Thor or Daniel Silva and that whole genre of books, i.e. government agencies & terrorist crime driven plot, you’ll really enjoy this. The story itself doesn’t move as quickly as those 2 authors I mentioned, but that’s because there is so much more factual anecdotes and place setting details. From the lobby and deep interiors of government bureaus, to how particular guns or bombs are manufactured, to how goods and artillery are exported around the world, the docks, the ships…you get the idea. Some paragraphs read more like a Wikipedia page. But again, if you like minutiae of history and the behavioral ‘whys’ of the Islamic religion, this is a great read. I do. I don’t care for books by Silva or Thor because they’re too slapdash. This book is mainly narrated in the voice of a female CIA agent, beginning just after Seal Team 6 took out Osama Bin Laden.

What I’m currently engrossed in is Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch. It seems to be on everyone’s list or nightstand right now, so curiosity got the best of me. Truthfully, i rarely read emotional, heart-tugging, female authored narratives. It’s just…ugh. I read non-fiction and history mainly. Still at the beginning, but this is a great story narrated in the voice of a teenage boy. Her writing is some of the best i’ve come across. That should say a lot coming from me, since readers of my blog know how much energy i put into reading.

Will update on it when i finish. Good weekend to you!

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