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I have always considered myself a private person. I may be one of the last few on the planet NOT on Facebook. But in person, I can be the most transparent person. I am very expressive and generally will  answer any question asked of me, on any topic, without mincing words.  Any type of artist or entrepreneur has to be willing to let down the guard from potential criticism. (because this will exist regardless) We will get nowhere, have nothing, and be no one, if we stay where we are, doing nothing and not creating anything. This complacency has to be the most miserable thing for a human. We are meant to express and create and share.  

It has taken me a while to come to this realization regarding my music. I have always created but not shared in the way I want. I’m getting it ready to share. Simultaneous to this personal evolution and to the current thoughts on how much exposure I’m shooting for, the worst flip-side of this would be losing my privacy and/or having it invaded. I do believe in coincidences and events happening for a reason. My skin is being thickened and my disposition is being toughened for the future I am projecting myself into. I’m ok. 

This past week, I snapped some pics of other brave souls…

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