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Piggy-backing on the previous post covering social media: I thought I’d answer a questionnaire/quiz once apparently something of MySpace (wiki) behavior. MySpace (current site, wtf) what the hell is that now? I was never on it, knew few on it, thought of it as a music sharing community mainly -but let’s be honest: it was the first internet social scene, predominantly based off a visual avatar, too. We are a shallow folk, aren’t we…

Ok so, I follow a very prolific, bad-ass woman, UK blogger. We have loads in common. She writes on a few things I especially love, even the tiniest excerpts of her and her mother’s conversations. I shall absolutely do that; it’s actually the next post… BUT back to point: most recent post covering a questionnaire pseudo MySpace. I thought to myself, ‘I could do this easily.’ Especially, when I know I want to write and am having some (bullshit excuse) writer’s block, I plan to just hop on fb or twitter and say “ask me a question!” Regardless of topic or answer, I will go down a rabbit hole because that is my brain, a slippery slope; hopefully, of eloquence and applicable information, in the very least -embarrassing or entertaining.

Copying the questions directly, actually titled Blogger’s Quiz:

Do you eat blue cheese? HELL NO! The smell, dear god. I hold my nose in the cheese section of the upscale markets. I barely started liking cheese until this last year. I could live without all cheese. I could live without all dairy. When I am eating more vegan though, I often sub in vegan cheeses made of nuts for the protein -as I abstain from all soy products. Not the question, but I eat vegan 65% of the time. The first time I ate blue cheese was the first time I visited Paris in 98′. My French teacher had us purchase a picnic meal from a morning market spread. He forced me to taste two things I believed I had hated, fresh cherries and heavily penicillin lased blue cheese. I love cherries now.

Have you ever smoked? I smoked a lot of marijuana in high school. I also graduated at 16, so whatever… I smoked cigarettes during 3 different points of my life, only one kind: Camel Turkish Silver. Yes again, the first time was my first trip to Europe. A solid 60 days. It’s been years since I have and I probably relish the thought of possible enjoyment once a year.

Do you own a gun? Not on my person. The desert eagle is my favorite gun. I’m from Texas and still live in Texas, so duh on this. Experienced. I’ve been on hunting ranges, sat in hunting blinds, shot skeet, shot down many ranges. And through all this, I am a pretty fucking perfect shot with a desert eagle. I’ve shot 7 different types of guns, and you better use what you are best at. Bulls Eye. (I believe we create our reality down to the most trivial of thoughts. I don’t have a gun in my home, because I don’t want to use a gun in my home; that’s all I will say about that) I am very comfortable otherwise. Times are changing and having a gun in my home has been on my mind for the last couple of months.

What flavor of Koolaid is your favorite? Haven’t had since high school, but I’d say Tropical Punch, then Grape

Do you get nervous before dental appointments? Hell no! That’s a mouth massage. I floss 3 times a day (or more, because I am a freak) I love everything about getting my teeth cleaned.

What do you think of hot dogs? Hell Fucking NO!

What’s your favorite Christmas movie? I don’t care about this, I don’t watch movies around Christmas pertaining to Cmas, I don’t watch ANY movie I’ve seen before. ANY. So there is never some sort of nostalgia on repeat. I don’t even read a book I’ve already read. I don’t backtrack.

What do you prefer to drink in the morning? I’ve loved drip brew coffee since I was 8 years old. Got into English breakfast tea a couple years ago till most recently. Currently enjoy French Press, kinda weak. Love the heartier taste to tea. I drink tea when I travel though, because I can bring bags (organic, fair trade; much cheaper to ask for hot water from hotel room service, too) I’m a particular asshole like that.

Can you do push-ups? 10-15 depending on previous calories and arm placement

What’s your favorite hobby? Reading

Do you wear glasses or contacts? Both, contacts during the day, glasses at night. My poor vision kept me from the FBI

What is your middle name? same as my mother’s, all I’ll say

What are your thoughts at this moment?  Starving. Will eat as soon as I post this.

Name 3 drinks you regularly consume? filtered/distilled water, unsweetened almond milk, herbal tea

What is currently worrying you? the next consulting gig, the how’s and how-to of my music and anxiousness about creating-sharing in the ways I want to

What do you currently hate? media manipulation, political agenda

Where is your favorite place to be? standing in a very different place had by my travels, taking in a deep breath. second fave place: in my own bed, reading

What do you plan on doing New Year’s Eve? no idea yet. could go back to Vegas. won’t do the big catered dance party I did last year, certainly

Where would you like to travel? Asia, more of the Eastern bloc, numerous places in the U.S. still…

Name 3 people who will do this quiz? no idea

Do you own slippers? 3 pair. They get washed in the laundry too

What color shirt are you wearing? I’m wearing a dark grey, short, long sleeve house dress. Cozy

What is your favorite color? To wear: black. To look at: dark purple or deep green

Do you sleep on satin sheets? No. Won’t

Can you whistle? No. Won’t

What songs do you sing in the shower? My own songs, melodies I’m working out before studio production

What’s in your pocket now? No pockets. Ever. I have them cut out and sewn shut at the tailor. All slacks, all jeans: no pockets

What’s the last thing that made you laugh? something goofy I thought or something my mother said recently. ?

What vehicle do you drive? Mercedes. German engineering: reliability, safety, efficiency… all those excuses. I live like a pauper otherwise, truthfully.

Do you love where you live? Yes. I would live somewhere else though, just tell me where.

Would you change your first name if you could? Never


There you have it. I am honest. Writer’s block has been written off! Thanks for staying on.




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