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I’ve been reflecting on how often the answers are ‘right in front of your face’. It sure does make things easier when we believe this and apply it to our creativity, brainstorming business ideas or questioning personal relationships.

Where we live is less subject to change. I totally geeked-out on this site. Click on your own state and see how things measure up. From employment to education…The Opportunity Index.

I am all about efficiency and multi-purpose tools. Check out this (very masculine) billybadass ring


Is anything impossible? 11 Mind Blowing Technologies That Are Actually Real

Today’s Seth Godin post is poignant

‘Not even once?

It’s so easy to have a black and white list of the things you’re not capable of doing. A hard limit, a boundary that says you just don’t have the genes to make art, speak up, write, give a speech, be funny, be charming, be memorable, come through in the clutch, survive an ordeal like this one… it’s easy to give up.

In response, we ask, “not even once?” Never once have you been funny or inspired or connected? Not even once have you been trusted, eager or orginal? Not even once have you written a sentence that someone else was happy to read, or asked a question that needed to be asked?’

Now that we know it’s possible, the real question is, “how often can you do it again?”

I LOVE this site! Not only is it aesthetically beautiful, but the whole premise caters to my unquenchable thirst for info. After going to the desired category, scrolling the cursor over the image highlights the question to be answered.


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