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Next week, I will be uploading photos and sharing a few bits from the trip; until then…

Last night I made an off-handed  comment on twitter regarding once being very flat-chested. It instigated my reflecting on a few times in the past when I significantly transformed myself. I’ve been on the precipice of another big one for a while now. Leaving town for as long as i did was both deliberate (to really get away from my routine and adjust to some minor changes) and painful (literally i experienced withdrawals from routines) One day i did have a minor breakdown. It wasn’t so much the longing associated with homesickness but an anxiousness to get home to get things started over. Will leave it there for now.

Because we do a certain thing well, doesn’t mean it has to be done ‘for a living’. Because i bake, doesn’t mean i need a baking blog. Because i read, doesn’t mean i need to be a book reviewer. Because i travel, doesn’t mean i need to be a travel writer. Because i’m hyper-aware of political news, doesn’t mean i need to make commentary. We need to stop and reflect more on our personal expectations in regards to what is being projected onto us by (often well-intentioned) others. I do know the more i give of myself, the more i do for others, the healthier i am. But I am also learning to let go of the agenda.

My immediate objective is my music. This is what i mean by ‘no more excuses’. (random thought) I would like to comment on Fiona Apple’s new album: it’s quirky to the point of being deliberately unrelatable. She has always been emotionally vulnerable, which i suppose is what keeps it more genuine. My pissy comment is: she uses a line in the last song of the album that i wrote into the intro of a song 4 months ago. Grrr…With over 7 billion people on the planet, nothing is original anymore anyway! Oh well, fuck it! That being said, I’ve been writing prolifically, sheet music writing during July…will be back in studio producing by August. Nothing like what is on my site now. I merely consider those examples of my voice, not my style. So  you know…

On the modeling side, new comp cards are done. I have a line-up of castings and various gigs over the next 3 months. New images will be updated next week and a new homepage pic, too. Stay tuned..


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BrockaPost Europe Update

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