Photo Diary of August’18

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What a sped up month. I have no complaints. Took small steps and general headway on personal goals; work is trying to be more interesting while I’m simultaneously more diligent about my outside-of-the-office pursuits. In and out of town friends came and went; lunches, dinners, cocktails and conversations; long walks afterwards. I let myself really rest some too. And crazy enough, I went on a legit blind date. As in, I didn’t even google the guy, had no idea what he looked like other than the explanation from a broker at the office. This alone feels exceptional since it’s certainly not the swipe this way or that and internet stalking that pervades us. For the record, I’m on no dating site or app or anything. It went really well till the very end when he asked me ‘why is someone so smart and attractive as yourself single?’ Without any hesitation, I just blurted out, ‘because I like my life!’ Think I blew it. But I do, I love my minimally interrupted life and what I do with my time. There’s so much to be said for that.

friend’s new neighborhood, home

fresh herbs

fresh herbs

evening walks on the golf course

evening walks on the golf course, moon in Pisces

green on gold $$

green on gold $$, working on my investment intelligence

getting serious about French fluency

getting serious about French fluency

Catholic despair

Catholic despair, the Pope is entirely complicit and condoning. Rosary from the Vatican

winter prep, I hauled all of this

I love outside gardens and trees with character

One thing unaccounted for by lack of image is my music writing. It’s really really getting prepped for studio time in the fall. Going about this post in this fashion helps me feel a bit caught up. I hope to get back to weekly writing with specificity in September. Hope you had a great summer.

BrockaPhoto Diary of August’18

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