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Seth Godin came to Dallas. He is in the top 1% of internet influencers, marketers, book authors, motivators, aficionados, etc…just such a brilliant mind. It was so awesome hearing him live, as I’ve read a handful of his 15 books. The timing couldn’t be more wonderful, since I am engrossed in my music and dealing daily with the human uncertainty, doubt, and fears that naturally go along with making and sharing art. His great lecture covered the fact that the industrial infrastructure no longer applies. We can no longer succeed by following the formula of school, college, 30 year spanning career, pension, retirement…

This video provides insight into what is stifling about the current school system; we are being stifled from individualism, producing art, and working on something we are passionate about. Funneling more teachers into the system is the worst idea, but I dont want to make this a political post. ‘If you care enough about your work that you’re willing to be criticized for it, then you’ve done a good day’s work.’


What this past Wednesday’s lecture covered was the concept that we need to learn to see differently. We are raised in the cookie cutter format of mass-production (more so the older generations brought up on Henry Ford’s industrial age), but there are billions of people in the world doing a million more things. The trick is to hone in on your own passions and skills and then build your own following around this. Humans are naturally a part of tribes, thus we gravitate towards like-minded people. We don’t build our relationships with people whom oppose our views or hate things we like. Like attracts like. This should apply to your marketing. Make a great product and people will find you. Say something smart and people will listen. Fix a delicious meal and people will flock to your restaurant. Just find your thing!

We should all be aware of the fact that the world is our oyster. The internet has opened up a clean slate to each of us: to share, produce, market, expose, sell, etc…The biggest problem for most is finding your own niche, or standing out when you do. When you feel authentic about what you are doing, and/or your product is genuine, you will naturally build your own tribe or customer base. It obviously takes time, branding, and trust. 

Our biggest hold-ups are ourselves, the reptilian brain that screams FEAR: of rejection, of failure, of destitution, or that worst case, most unlikely extreme, death. I’ve just found that not doing what makes me genuinely happy was the worst despair and the despair itself helps cancel out the projected fear. 

His book The Icarus Deception is very worth the read.

What defines art is something that is irreplaceable (not boring) and generous; it gives…

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