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There will always be another path. We are inundated with choices. There will always be someone better looking to date, a ‘better for me’ meal to eat, a cooler place to live or travel. another t.v. show to watch, another book to read, another face product to buy, a nicer car to drive, a guilt regarding how you are spending your time (not calling a friend, not seeing a family member) This existence is inevitable.

You have to let this coulda-woulda-shoulda go. Of all things, it is most destructive to your entire life. Mainly, it keeps you from living in the present moment, enjoying the present moment, feeling confident about the decision you made to reach this.present.moment. Yes, the truth is, some of us are living is painful moments and we feel incapable of changing the circumstance. Sometimes we have to wait.

Preventing this ‘longing’ deliberation is the main reason I advocate sitting in meditation. It does not ‘take time’ or waste time or require any other behavior than being still and focusing on your breath. 5 minutes, 10 minutes – there are 24 hours in a day! All of the sudden: you will have time, make time, and be very clear on what you should be deliberate about. It is restful when you are sleep deprived, it is clarity when you are confused, it is calm when you are stressed. It doesn’t guarantee a specific answer, but I guarantee you will be closer. And meditation helps you keep sanity while you wait.

Instead of buying more products, from wanting, I decided to make my own. Wholesome, holistic.  In stead of shopping, I decided to cut-up and re-style what i wear. Instead of seeking outside stimulation, I decided to make art. Music and writing. Instead of feeling like I have a lot of programs and movies to catch up with, I decided to read books that rocked my brain. Instead of viewing other men as potential dates, I decided to tell my man everything I desire and imagine what a future with him would look like.

It is necessary to sit and be still with yourself. It is not about knowing an outcome or an answer, but knowing which moves to make… to be o.k. with where you are, what you have, where you are going. This behavior is having exactly what you want. All of this is also subject to change, as we are human and should evolve. But peace of mind is where our health is. Every choice should bring peace of mind.

Some people take a walk…

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