Past and Present

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I fear a number of our current politicians feel immune to history. When a situation isn’t directly affecting one, it is easy to compartmentalize.

The future is messy…

and the past is neat.

It’s always like that.

That’s because the people who chronicle the past are busy connecting the dots, editing what we remember and presenting a neat, coherent arc. We can publish the history of Roman Empire in 500 pages, but we’d need ten times that to contain a narrative of the noise in your head over the last hour.

Even viral videos are easy to describe after they happen. But if these experts are so smart, how come they can never predict the next one?  via Seth Godin

I love both the simplicity and the story in these images.                                                       The Past & Present of Superheroes


If you follow me on twitter, you know how much of a word snob i am. I subscribe to A Phrase a Week. This week had a perfect segue into considering the definition of ‘preposterous’. “…word ‘preposterous’ entered the English language precisely to describe such back to front imagery.(ex. Putting the Cart Before The Horse) Of course, ‘pre’ derives from Latin and is a standard prefix, that is, it is ‘at the front’. Likewise, the Latin ‘post’ means ‘at the back’, so ‘preposterous’ actually denotes the normal arrangement of things, with the front at the front and the back at the back. ‘Postprerous’ might have been a better choice of word but, like ‘head over heels‘, which also makes no sense, it’s too late to change now.

Words are so precise. I wish more people used them precisely.

We are all tied to our tech gadgets. Even as we are using them in the present though, they are becoming outdated because advancements are really occurring this quickly. This wooden keyboard is both a brilliant and beautiful idea for adding a natural element to the coldness of technology. The real genius is that it actually ages over time properly. I want one!


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