Past and Future

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How do we know our memories are right?

How do you know the abstractionist painting is hung upright?

abstract art

Yellow Mountain by Yuan Zuo

We remember things in the context of how we currently feel about it; and we see things through a similar scope.

Right-side up is open to interpretation. What is abstract art? We don’t want to hate those whom reared us (most of us). It is said, people only act with the information they have at the time. This is important beyond how parents parent, how bosses dictate or assign, how teachers teach, etc…This is most important in considering all history. What was the context of the moment?

Look how far we’ve come, regardless.

Of course American ancestors had slaves, but should we destroy monuments and try to eradicate history just because they were living in their cultural conditions? We so rarely hear of parents spanking their children now, but once upon a time tree branches and belts were protocol. Secretaries were once mistresses, now women are CEOs and Forbes billionaires.

In the context of all evolution, our personal environment and intrinsic DNA is accelerating more rapidly. We couldn’t be making better progress. This moment happens to be rife with anger and angst, also. Reckoning with past behavior: for women; for minorities; for sexual behavior; for political structures; for family definitions.

Only time can tell us how diminishing or beneficial it will be.

We will soon be writing new laws, classifying new normals, trying to redefine what is right and wrong beyond what we think of past rights or wrongs. (sex dolls constructed to look nubile. isn’t this also pedophilia? but they’re not hurting anyone!)

Most of us have no idea what is coming.

-Tearing down structures and building new structures with no idea of the ideal-

It’s in all of our best interest to pick the appropriate battles, and put as much as we can into the context of the moment; frankly, try to have a bit more consideration and a smidge more sympathy instead of outrage over what.once.was. Not every thing deserves a protest or a mere riot act. It may simply be, no side is worth joining; no sign is worth carrying.

We evolve by changing behavior, and it can be simply done on an individual basis too.

One day, even this will be a memory.

abstract art

Eric Aho

BrockaPast and Future

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