Passion and Productivity

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Brocka singing

Brocka singing

Being productive, feeling productive, engaging in productivity…such a seductive concept, word. It literally is just ‘what are we doing with our time?’

This is the sole reason people get hung-up on that ‘living your passion’ concept. Like you should be spending all of your time focused, working on, generating this idea, start-up, project, item to sell online, or whatever the hell it is. The TRUTH is: most passion-focused people have day jobs. Most passions are feel good. They keep our sanity, they connect us to other humans, or give us a stress relief -an outlet from the day-to-day. Consistently going to yoga and loving yoga doesn’t mean you should become a yoga instructor or study all the various modalities; like my baking gluten free, vegan business didn’t predict a store front bakery and subsequent franchise. Because, real passion may not be  -and generally isn’t- a 24 hour existence. It may be something as an outlet, a creativity, inspiration, something spontaneous you build or design on a weekend, nothing 9am-5pm linear at all!

There shall be no guilt for not ‘creating’ during a 9-5 window. There shall be no guilt for not generating an entirely self-supporting income from your ‘passion’. Express and create when you can.

But, passion does require discipline. Yes, you have to show up when you aren’t in the mood, you have to write especially when you feel you have nothing to say, you have to paint when you don’t have a concept, you have to create with no muse. You have to inspire yourself. Some days are harder than others. I grind my teeth. My dentist loves my flossing addiction; he berates the grinding.



Some days are harder than others. Some days I have to simply ask myself, ‘What can i do today that proves this is important to me, if only me?’ How do I show up to *this*?

Whatever it is for you, fit it into your day.

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BrockaPassion and Productivity

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