One Summer

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On the precipice of winter, this is the book you should read. One Summer by Bill Bryson

3 short months during 1927 a numerous amount of historically pivotal things occurred. It almost seems fantastical the list, the people, the industries, the evolution of our American psyche. Here’s a bullet point idea:

The first Atlantic plane crossing and the history of aviation and Charles Lindbergh

The evolution of baseball, Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig (sports bore me, but i loved reading about this, if that says anything)

The first crime catalyst for the electric chair, the couple(s) killed, and the worst bombings to date

The Model T as the first vehicle, the first televisions, and the first ‘talkies’ non-silent movies

Calvin Coolidge, America after WWI, the players behind and the catalyst for the stock market crash

Prohibition, Mr. Ponzi and his scheme, the KKK and their anti-Catholism (more than any other group, despite how history advertises them)

This book is exciting, riveting, and very detailed. You’ll learn and re-learn some things you thought you knew (incorrectly) about history.

I’ve read about 6 books in the last 2 months and this is the one i’ve enjoyed the most. Do yourself a favor and invest in all Bill Bryson books.

Next in the stack I will be making blogpost notes on: Malcolm Gladwell’s David & Goliath, Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Jesus, and Charles Krauthammer’s Things That Matter. Super excited about them!


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