On a Carousel in a Kaleidoscope

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This perfectly illustrates my previous last week. Apologies for my absence last Sunday evening.

For some reason carousels [in North America we call them merry-go-rounds] make me think of kaleidoscopes. Kaleidoscopes remind me of one of my aunt’s ex longterm relationships. This man had an entire wall in his living room of what seemed like floating, dark wood shelves. On them were a multitude of framed pictures (a talented photographer with a home-installed dark room), Galileo thermometers, and kaleidoscopes. These latter devices were as small as a hand to as long as the length of an arm. Their worth evidenced by their weight: plastic, brass, solid silver, or gold. Their weight an insight into their carriage. Each a contribution to one eye, a malleable mind. Like people, each encased a very private universe.

Past the toddler age, I was never told ‘no you cant touch that’ because I was raised knowing how to handle things. A child in a grown up world. Conversing in the adult dialogue I was to only overhear. Acting l’adult, as my mom would say. Her made-up Francophile connotation rearing me more aged and studious, supposedly.

About a month ago, Quartz Daily Brief started sending out an extra newsletter titled Obsessions As the word implies, the writer(s) do an exhaustive ‘daily digression’ of one item, formatted into an overview with quick bullet points. The topics come in two categories: you are interested and you read the email; or you don’t care and the email is deleted. On Friday, October 13th, they covered kaleidoscopes. I had forgotten about that wall until the item became an inbox subject line.

My first thought, we all see through our own kaleidoscope. A mixture of culture, rearing, education, perception, information…all five of these factors make up the colors, shapes, and sizes we require to negotiate our own world.

The kaleidoscope and the telescope represent a beautiful, literal analogy. How we live personally, how we navigate our world, this individuality is a kaleidoscope. On a macro level, the all of us, the  collective existence, the gravity on Earth, this is represented by the telescope. Consider how similar in both shape and size they are! The individual and the entirety. Have a bit of compassion.

In my attempt at a comprehensive explanation, this carousel ride of a week was comprised of ~5 hours of sleep per night due to vivid dreams of textured backdrops and specific conversation or gibberish -which I notated over the course of a few 3 ams!; a lot of psychic intuition, which seems to be building; the multi-tasking ingestion of two perfectly timed novels to today’s political angst (I will put in a new Books page for the month of October); work stress (the entire company) anxiety.

We are each on our own carousel, living in a personal kaleidoscope, dictated by the Laws of a telescope. Welcome.

Bear with me. I want to be here. I send myself written notes throughout the day. Something is brewing. I daily pray for courage within brevity.

All that we are, all that we need…they’re different things –London Grammar


BrockaOn a Carousel in a Kaleidoscope

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