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It’s the end of the year, and you know what that means, lists! Best this, best that, movies, music, videos, gadgets, and apps, etc… They’re fun and often useless. The people which care about any one particular category already know what the top picks are, though; each of us stays attentive to what we are interested in throughout the whole year. I read the books i anticipated coming out. I downloaded the albums i was anxious for…

Do you like ‘end of year’ list?

One post which recently caught my attention was a survey done on the most hated word. I love the perfect precision of words. I love how they can sound similar but have entirely different meanings, like capitulate vs. recapitulate; or how emasculate reminds the ear of masculine but has the opposite effect. When we are speaking casually, we often take words for granted. Of course the context is needed, but Huffington Post has declared ‘Whatever’ the most disliked. I couldn’t agree more. It immediately implies disdain, disregard, disrespect, inattentiveness to the conversation or the question. Even if I simply ask, ‘what would you like for dinner?’ Saying ‘whatever’ doesn’t even help narrow down the choices. It is the #1 word of hormonal teens the world over. In the very least, it sounds like a cop-out and lazy. Thank you HuffPo for bringing attention to it.

A few nights ago, Greta Van Susteren had Kelly Bensimon on her Fox News Program. I can’t even remember why, but WHY Greta? First obvious  lesson was ‘don’t take a Housewife Reality Show woman out of her habitat.’ Between every word, Kelly said ‘you know, ya know, you know, ya know..’ like the dumbest Valley girl. It’s not like she was nervous and unaccustomed to speaking on camera! The real problem is a bad habit. We all have these, yes. It was cringe worthy. I was so embarrassed for her.

It’s the end of the year and we’re reflecting. Rarely when we think of resolutions and habits worth changing do any of us consider how we communicate. But it is everything! How are you coming across? How are you being heard? Is there something that can be said differently?

Hope you had a great holiday.


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