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Hello strangers.
Looping back around the track.

I have certainly perfected my radio silence. Winter seems to demand contraction and internalizing. Plus, I’ve been in a deliberate watch and wait mode. The upside: I’m way more patient than I used to be.

On the bookshelf of things, last month I finished the best biography of Queen Victoria (mentioned in the last post.)

Queen Victoria

I read the most exquisite of novels with a prose and lusciousness I have never encountered. I can’t recommend Mark Helprin’s Paris in the Present Tense enough. A seventy five year old, Holocaust surviving, Algerian war vet is a cellist, music professor. It’s a gripping story of his involvement in a possible murder and insurance scam. You’re almost holding your breath at the end.

Paris in the Present Tense

After completing it, I tracked down an earlier publication of his in audiobook form, In Sunlight and In Shadow; just started listening. And I whittled down to the place in my book stack where I could pick up and finally start Haruki Murakami’s Killing Commendatore. It’s significant and will take me through the month, but it’s turning out to be one of my favorites of his. The story is more approachable than his usual fantastical shorts.

Killing Commendatore

In other news, I threw a small gathering at my place a couple Saturday’s back. In no joke, regardless of the birthday celebration we were cocktailing over, they were showing up in pure shock over having been invited and sheer curiosity about my space I’m so particular about.

I’ve also opened up my space in a more intimate way. Again, waiting mode…If it has done one thing, it’s brought music back into my life significantly, which feels fabulous regardless; as well as helping me clarify exactly what I desire. Je ne regrette rien.

Otherwise, I’ve been really fine hunkered down. It’s always best to not offer up any commentary on every political news story or agenda being driven. It’s useless if you aren’t in the business of doing so. The comedic value is best observed from the bleachers than in the pit anyway. Because getting into the thick takes an emotional involvement, amplifies the seriousness of the matters, and there is only so much I can expend. Aren’t we collectively in a wait and see mode?

There’s change on the horizon in almost every area of my life right now; so maybe that’s why I’ve been quiet. Everything is churning and I lack for details. I’m really excited and anticipatory.

Will say hi next time around.


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