A New Year Experiment

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I can give or take resolutions. People generally change when they need to, not when they necessarily just want to. The want and the need must be aligned. Frankly, we evolve into something else as time goes by. ‘When the timing is right’ is such a lovely cliché, because it is true.

Without adding to your year-end listicles of ‘Best Of this’ or ‘Favorite Things that’, I thought I’d showcase many options to pick or experiment with.

21 Self-Improvement Experiments and Where They Are Today

Don’t be deterred by the length -it reads fast and it’s cool; they are few sentences synopses. I’ve read David’s blog for a very long time, so Ive read him though most of these and have participated in way more than half. What’s great about his list is his lack of self judgement. He is an observer hovering over his experiences. This act in itself is highly beneficial. As I hinted in the previous post, being hyper-self aware prevents letting the mind run the human. We are way more than our thoughts. We are way more capable than we know: ask any Special Ops serviceman or triathlete. Our bodies are way more resilient and highly tuned to healing than we should ever be forced up against: ask any trauma or cancer survivor.

Don’t doubt yourself, just experiment.

Will you try something new or change something old?

Collectively, our biggest fault is self sabotage. minute 2:05 is the money-line!

Still learning:


Happy New Year and Thank You for being a reader of this blog.



BrockaA New Year Experiment

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