Never Say Never

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Preface: my first choice of title was ‘We Never Know Anyone’

I thought Nicki Minaj as a hip-hop, free form, fast-paced rapper. I saw/see her as overly made-up to the point of clownish, being colorful enough to stand out against the extremely point-driven Lady Gaga; or maybe the black girl version of Katy Perry. The truth is, I don’t listen to the radio or watch pop-culture news, or read ANY magazine. I have no fucking clue! I have perception. I have personal taste that streamlines me into specific decisions on any given day. I most randomly came across a very piano-string focused ballad of a Nicki Minaj song recently, and frankly, it rocks my world. This one observation has me entirely reconsidering some of her work. I know from previous experiences similarly, it is in our best interest to never make snap judgements, absolute statements, definitive results.

Even if you believe you may *hate* : download Grand Piano or listen freely on Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music…whatever you are currently subscribed to.

We are more than any external perception. Duh.

The truth is, even when we get to know people well: over time-over years-over tribulations we have climbed together…there is still our ‘self’, our ‘psyche’ (as Carl Jung coined) ((contemporary of Freud)) We carry something within us no one will know; and no amount of years married can you see this in your spouse. It just is.

If you’ve followed my blog for some time, you know I have made note of the fact that no one is ONE-dimensional. Seems obvious. But the way we characterize and label people seems counter to this obviousness. Our own behavior betrays us. Survival is based on perception of character. We have to make snap judgments.

We are persons with personality. Personality is as varied and brilliant and bright, or as monochromatic and dull as we want it to be. Some days I am home-body reader, early to bed. Other days I am all over town, cocktails and in a short dress at night. If you are living, you are flexible to your environment. You should be.

We are in Fall, and Dallas is still warm-to-hot during the day. The only hint of a seasonal change is the morning coolness. I open all the windows and let the wind move fiercely before it grows hot and still again. Like the seasons, the inevitable changes, we must also adjust to new environments, new people and new opportunities.

Dead leaves fall, dead behavior should fall. As much as we may not know the deep and dark humanness of each of us, we must also acknowledge what no longer serves us.

Once again i have broadly skimmed across topics each worth deeper insight, but the point is still the same. The congruity does exist: how we should willingly change, how we should acknowledge that no one stays the same, or how no one shall be categorized hence-forth. We have more to gain by not shutting ourselves off from a perceived dislike, and by never saying never.





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