Nature Abhors a Vacuum

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-Aristotle  Essentially this means, where there is an empty space, matter goes to fill it.

This being said, I am no longer involved in my dessert business. Over the last week, sadly, I have been devastating clients as I’ve let them know I’m no longer pursuing the business. I have closed down shop, metaphorically. My dessert site will be changing to more of a desserts blog, because I do still have a creative, healthy desserts taste bud. 12 years ago when I first got into the massage business, I knew at the outset, it was merely for a trade skill and not a career path. Similarly, when I started the dessert business 6 years ago, I knew I didn’t want a brick and mortar bakery; and truthfully I never visualized an assembly line of mass production either. What I did gain was a lot more patience. The process of baking, creating, and experimenting is that much more exceptional and difficult when working with alternative ingredients for gluten free and vegan dieters. As the ‘foodie’ world has expounded, we all are keenly aware of how emotional people are about food. I have dealt with a lot of various people and various diets. My own perspectives about the simple act of eating have changed drastically. I am so appreciative to the people who have encouraged me and become loyal clients. I’ve had fantastic opportunities through the business, such as working with non-profits, health organizations and clinics, teaching in various places like Sur la Table or in Manhattan through Mini Chef NYC and lecturing on nutrition and wellness. And, I have eaten desserts weekly for over 6 years! How many people can say they’ve been paid to do that?!

But this chapter of my life is finished. I have opened up a space in my life to fill up with that which I have always done and been known for by those closest to me.  I am now all consumed by it. I am thinking it, saying it, training for it, writing it down, and living it in all of my being. I have not been able to do so because my time, energy, thoughts, and money were focused elsewhere. The dessert business was taking up the space I needed back. Now. We can not have what we want, if we settle for something else. We can’t do what we want, if we’re busy doing something else. It’s not about suspending disbelief and ‘hoping’. Physics proves that an empty space will be filled. Thats why there is the cliche’, ‘when one door closes, another one (or a window at least) opens!’

This is also called the ‘vacuum law of prosperity’. In the very least, you will feel most rich in your life when you are utilizing your time and space with what you feel you absolutely should.

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BrockaNature Abhors a Vacuum

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