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The first month of the new year has been super busy, inspiring, and goal-oriented focused. Evidence by all the books I’ve devoured, relaxing too. Here’s an image. I will do a little review on City, which a perfect follow-up to Debt, The First 5,000 Years I’ve been carrying around Technology in my purse for the last month, because I hate to be anywhere where I have to wait and not have something to read, grrr! It is in chronological order and just super cool.

the books of the month

Seth Godin is coming to Dallas next month; of course i have a ticket. I love all the quotes in his V is for Vulnerable; and the other awesome inspiring book, Steal Like an Artist.

Madeleine Albright is coming in April; yep, for that one too…

Liar’s Poker is an oldie but goodie. It’s the buddy-buddy characters of Wall Street, the male relationships and kicks-for-shits attitude that comes out of ego, pride, and ridiculousness of playing with unimaginable sums of money. It is also Lewis’s first book. 3/4 of males over the age of 35 know this book. And that many would also say it’s their favorite. It is not similar to the famous Bonfire of the Vanities, but they should be sold as a duo on Amazon, if that insight helps 😉

“On Saudi Arabia” was emotionally heavy and sad. Written by a person whom has been a news correspondent for almost 20 years, thereby having more access to people (men) most (all) females wouldn’t. I am immensely appreciative to be in America, to be a female in America. The book is worth reading for more than the culturing expansion, but for the awareness and consideration of drastically different lifestyles. I believe something comparable would be on the slums of Mumbai or Brazil, etc…

My current book stack is tall. Equally excited about February!

(also, that is my new antique, smokey glass in burnished brass coffee table i had my eye on for a month, then skillfully negotiated down the cost before purchasing. There is another smaller tier of glass underneath, holding larger gallery image books. woot!)

BrockaMy Mind in this Month

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