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Grammy Night, let’s talk music.

This cracks me up so much. It’s current but the costuming and location are very dated. It could be a modern version of a slavic person seeking an escape from their country, or asking to become a foreign bride? :/ Can’t.stop.laughing.

‘If youre in a hot country and ‘reading this’, come and save me…’

Here’s a look of science behind singing. The British guy Sivu made a music video for his most recent song out of 3 takes of brain scans during the singing process. Interesting. Loving a few of his songs currently.

Since the Grammy’s are celebrating the year of vocal acts, here is a mashup of more obscure songs from the past year; just a few the average listener will recognize…





2012 Music Video Mashup from Renier Mouthaan on Vimeo.

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