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Shh, it sure is loud here.

Sit down, settle

Where are you from?

All over.

Home is here right now.

What do you do?

Why is this always the question?

It’s always been the question because it’s always been the reason

The reason has been to finally get to the place where saying what we do, does exactly define who we are.

We have worked our way to this place

As before, it was merely a place setting. The filler. Filling time.

The need. The need to eat, clothe, shelter.

We have arrived to an abundance of wants, of too much, of choices.

Each choice is now who we are.

Who we are is what we do, what we pick of these options, how we spend our time.

Time is unsettling.

How much have we spent? How much is left?

This is bigger than money.

Yet, we ask these questions of money.

It is tangible, we see it, we hold it.

It makes us. It breaks us.

Why did we give it the power?

We can’t control time.

This is why what you want & how you spend your time will provide you with what you need.

How you spend time is the only thing you can control.

Choose wisely.

It is loud in here.

It is time to settle down.


BrockaMoney : Time :: Want : Need

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