Money and Privilege

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Very deceptive.

A favorite newsletter of mine comes in the form of The School of Life. I’ve been a fan for years; absolutely prescient for its proponents of emotional intelligence. We currently live amongst heightened tech, A.I., coding, data mining, software writing, social media, internet dating, sex robots, robots, robots, robots, etc… and the future only encourages this life.

The irony of course, so many people are currently responding to all stimuli in life with only emotion. In these cases, predominantly, they are intellectually immature (e.g. college protestors with signs and shouts against free speech) Be forewarned of these types.

Job interviewers immediately respond via first impressions, the body mechanics, then the emotional intelligence, then business aptitude -whether they know it or not. And you should know this going in.

[Dear Ladies, stop ending sentences with rising intonation. It makes you sound unsure, that question mark …and dumb.]

The Secrets of a Privileged Childhood I went to this article anticipating the attributes of a moneyed affectation, not anticipating the knot in my throat or the burning eyes it would encourage. I guess I am privileged then.

We grapple with most privilege alongside most pain.

The question via the deserving mindset. At least, most perfectionist do. We call it luck.

Children from low means often classify their success as coming from hard work, neither luck nor privilege. Successful children from wealthy sects also try to believe in their own aptitude, often less deserved.

I take a deep breath and feel appreciative.

Being born into money exacerbates emotional immaturity. This is a fact and a damn shame. If all born into money actually did good, can you imagine where our world would be?!

Consider all the lineage before us, all the nepotism, all the potential and ambition lost. All the money squandered on drugs; cars; yachts; sex; sex with models; travel; bullshit business deals trying to be somebody… (the latter the bulk of it) ‘I invested in this; I have a business meeting; my lawyer (a guy called off a billboard) will be there to represent me’


Emotional intelligence is an analgesic. It’s the anecdote to a lot of suffering. Often, wealthy families use money to rear and raise and substitute absence.

It is not shameful to believe life is so good, you must pinch yourself. It can be real. It certainly doesn’t absolve one of responsibility or work ethic though.

After all, where’s the satisfaction in money if you didn’t earn it.

[statement, not a question]


If you’re still reading: so many buds are sprouting underneath the leaves I raked. I can’t remember what pots of plants I absentmindedly upended in my garden plot pre winter during the transition of bringing most plants in and letting others go dormant. Now, I have to patiently wait it out and see what these little green buds manifest.

Joy. The frost dissolves and the anticipation builds.

As I told my visiting friends yesterday, the only reason I wouldn’t buy this condo I’m in is because there isn’t enough land to plant, grow, and cultivate on.

I’m due a proper garden. Maybe in time. Maybe after deserved, hard work.




BrockaMoney and Privilege

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