Miami, Art Basel 2017

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I’ve been slammed all week, crashing by 9:30 pm. Was asleep by 8 last night, no joke! Throwing this review up with much more on my mind honestly. Will rewind this week and speak on other things shortly. Just really loved last weekend’s trip and want to properly acknowledge it.

When I leave town, or my context or my usual routine of information absorption, I see how easy it is to be oblivious about the world. How much of the world functions without a general idea of what’s going on. The basics; people being basic. There are so many things we can compartmentalize or flamingo. Head in the sand.

wall paper

I haven’t properly journaled in almost two weeks. If you aren’t journaling, it’s hard to document even a few days of travel, especially when it’s entirely about sensory overload. Every step, every block, every place was for the theme of the long weekend. Art. It drew swarms of people, mainly international. It brought out all the sex appeal too.

Hobnobbing and people watching. Cocktail hours and tables of flowers juxtaposed by fright. Hell-raiser. Dichotomies all around. Champagne. Champagne on sand, on soiled ground.

hell raiser

Art-money-culture with both class and crass. Dressing roles, models like poles. Projecting lips and limbs and high end shoes. Gazing and stalling, objectifying drawings. Of virtue and make believe, of well-moneyed and pretend to be. Elbow to elbow. You don’t know me.

I flew private. It didn’t suck. The traffic didn’t bother me either, taking it in. Taxis everywhere, diluted and resentful of uber and lyft. Florida humidity is disgusting though. I was literally putting lotion in my hair to tame the frizz.



Ugh. Very little to no honking, thank goodness. I hate New York for this. My hotel was the one at the end of south beach block having undergone a $100 million renovation.

1 Hotel South Beach

1 Hotel South Beach

All the others were still retro.

retro south beach

retro south beach

Provocative, scantily clad, styled, a moment refining the bourgeois despite their tattered spandex and overly worn shoes. I don’t say this to be hoity, but to acknowledge the setting. The international, the affluent, the well-moneyed. Student entrance fees juxtaposed with velvet and weighted handbags, all these walkers converging over billions worth of art, some specifically in the multi-millions. The two hotspots were the convention center and the Bass Museum. All within walking distance. Most at the convention center were modern and contemporary.


All subjective. No sense in labeling or opining here…Entering here was the only line I waited in, otherwise all else felt VIP and indulgent. I understand why people cling to the lifestyle.

I really loved staying at the hottest, most recently updated, perfected located, organic, LEED certified, health-conscious place 1 South Beach Hotel. Our room was an 800+ sq ft apartment. I did a load of laundry before packing 🙂 Their gym was A+. They have a vegan, raw foods centered restaurant only a ramp-walk down from the gym, from the stationary bikes, separated by a glass wall called plnthouse. When I ordered room service, the table setting included a plant! The room key and access card were made out of cork. Everything recyclable. The room had two trashcans for distinguishing between. The coffee bar in the lobby only had honey, stevia, and raw sugar. All the products were biodegradable. The people standing in line were beautiful even in morning just woke. Granted, it was a see and be seen time to be there, but this setting was a normalcy for so many. That’s what stood out, how normal and unexceptional all of this was. Not for me. It felt very LA. I have no desire to live in either LA or Miami or New York, just saying. Art Basel helds from Basel, Switzerland. Switzerland, the most expensive place to live in the world. I heard very little English. French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, etc…

My favorite meal was a salad I had from MC Kitchen, an Italian restaurant in the design district. I ate at the bar, which was beautiful!

MC Kitchen

MC Kitchen

Being in Miami, I had to have Cuban food too. Found a hole in the wall, family run place.

What I enjoyed most was the people watching. And yes, I finally made it to the gym for the first time in two years. I got on the stair climber then hit the weights like so much time hadn’t passed. I just did what I did in the past. I guess I’m not so out of shape. I’ve had this dress for ages. It’s literally a doily 🙂

Back to the real world: reading, writing, editing, etc… on repeat. Love it. Love being well-rested though, too. Appreciate the breaks in routine, always.

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