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We are all just the sum of our stories. Some stories last longer. Holding onto our stories, pictures, memories, experiences, this is what describes us, defines us, and memorializes us.

Let me preface this by mentioning I have not, will not, nor have any desire to read the raunch which is 50 Shades of Grey. From what i gather the book is written with the 2nd grade literature skill of ‘see spot run’ and entirely researched with the use of Wikipedia and Google. Poor woman, short of authentic exciting sexual experience. :/ That being said, another set of books came out a couple years ago called Diary of a Call Girl, by a legit London lady escort. Showtime attempted to turn it into a series but failed after the four seasons in the US. It ran in the UK from ’07 to ’11 though. Have never seen it nor given it much thought. But recently got ahold of the first in the 3-part series for cheap-o at Half Price Books. It is in chronological order, a daily journal log. The writing is fast-paced, eloquent, humorous, quirky and not the least bit sex-raunchy. It turns out to be an incite into the various sexual desires and quirks that people have; way out of my normal comfort zone, too. To each their own. It makes one curious about the psychology behind certain proclivities. Why does one person find something crazy, absurd, or kinky, while another may view it as boring vanilla?

She journaled through the whole experience before she ever landed the book deal. Coincidentally, she legitimately was/is in the book publishing/editing work. This being said, I have kept a diary since i was in 7th grade. I now have about 17. Yes, 17. I will cherish these when I’m an old woman and read back on my life, my travels, my loves, my pains, my desires, and my hold-ups.

So other than having the book highlight the fact that everyone is different and there is someone for everyone, regardless of your sexual desires, it also re-enforced for me the value in keeping a record of my life. And, no one should be ashamed to write down who they are, what they’re doing, or what they want. And when someone may inquire as to why you’d keep a record of such things, WHY NOT?!


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