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Yesterday, the day was dreary and cold. I was gratefully on the upswing recovering from the worst sickness i’ve experienced since I was little. Ear infections. They plagued me as a child. Thank you antibiotics, steroid shot, and some tylenol with codeine for extra measure. Woot! The worst part of the congestion is not being able to sing. But I always put things in perspective: it’s nothing as bad as being a Michelin rated chef, James Beard awarded, original proponent of delicious molecular gastronomy and learning you have tongue cancer, unable to taste the food you prepare. Riveting book on Grant Achatz of the restaurant Alinea in Chicago. Goes down as my top meal experienced this year. Review of the meal.

To counter the day of blues, I made a lemon meringue pie. I have never made meringue. May have over toasted the top by a couple minutes, but beneath was still a moist consistency. This pie filling is like no other. It uses the whole lemon! rind and all…of course you scrub it clean, cut it up to remove the seeds, then pulverize it to hell in the food processor with all the other ingredients. Based off David Lebovitz recipe. I made a gluten free crust out of almond meal though. It was awesome. Lemon is my mom’s fave flavor for desserts. She came over and approved of it. Then we went and got new iphone 5s. Yay! I bought an awesome olloclip that snaps onto the phone and provides 3 different lenses. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone, phone and camera.

Disclaimer: These pie pics were not taken with the new phone.

Pretty and toasty looking, oh well

I wanted ‘mile high’ meringue, like the diners

Here’s to a productive and mellow weekend, minus the codeine, extra egg white protein!

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