Meeting in the Middle

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Life is often about doing things we don’t want to do. I do not always want to load the dishwasher or fold laundry, but the underlying desire for a clean kitchen and unwrinkled clothing overrides.
When people speak of doing what one is passionate about, not only does it imply they don’t loathe their job, but more often than not, they are getting to live in the place where the desires are in line with the obligations; being excited and enthusiastic about doing the ‘chores’ to reach the goal. Really, when we aren’t interested, it is dreadful.
This is great in respect to jobs and vocations/hobbies.
But what about relationships? These too, take time, effort, patience, conversations and a myriad of different settings in order to grow and learn from them. Whether a friendship or a romance, we hope it is immediately apparent if there isn’t compatibility. When it (the goal or the relationship) is something we want to manifest, there is and will always be work. Rarely does one consider going to work in the same light as being in a relationship. Unfortunately, some turn out this way. But the joy in building or maintaining a great relationship with someone should be the same energy we put into other aspects of our lives. There are gaps, there are stalls, the money is tight, there is stress; but we love the work and we love the person. We press on regardless of some of the pain (early hours) or the heartache (fights with our spouse). The wanting, and the desire to follow through have met what we are also obligated to.
In full disclosure, when females get into a romance, we always project fantastical ideals and desires onto the ‘outcome’ or end result or ‘goal’ of just dating. Rarely is it the casual day-to-day that a male suspends.
Unlike working at ones job or passion or hobby, a relationship rarely has a linear point, specific outcome. We never know; we have to decide to suspend that attachment when it comes to people. But we keep working towards it.
This is living passionately. I love my job, I love this person; and I am going to work for both of them.

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