Mediocrity is Easy

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It’s too easy.

I fear America has already become the ‘somethin for nothin’ society; this current evolution is ironically a killer, and killing.

I saw an instagram pic today of the new automated ordering machines inside of a McDonald’s. The minimum wage employees fighting for a living wage will see themselves in the opposite place: no wage. Start finding another skill.

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McDonald’s solution to a “living wage” #funny #berniesanders

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It is harder to evolve, to be so self-aware, to give a damn.

Start somewhere.

A fave blogger of mine found herself asking some important questions: How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci She is in no way writing for superiority. I find her very genuine and open.

The reason I jokingly call myself an asshole on social media isn’t to be more self-deprecating (so people actually like me; that I don’t care about), but because what I seem to see as obvious, efficient, and logical actually isn’t in the mainstream. Ladies, don’t wear tons of perfume to a restaurant or the gym: Taste buds are in our nose, so don’t fuck it up for everyone seated near you! And yes, people sweat at the gym, heat causes scent to dissipate, BUT your cloyingly sweet poison is nauseating. Thus, coming across this thread today was a bit refreshing. Logical things: What is one unwritten rule you believe everyone should follow?

Fear of change is the biggest reason we let ourselves slide into complacency. Another similarly themed piece I happened across was an article on how our general label of stress or ‘I’m so stressed’ is actually ‘I’m afraid.’ I couldn’t agree more. Stress? What You’re Really Experiencing is Fear

And lastly, that last link almost changes everything. A great shift is what i have been hoping for. And today I got it in more ways than one.

Thank you for your time.


BrockaMediocrity is Easy

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