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Once upon a time, a young tween dallied with an older crowd too high on their intellectual horses. They’d convene at bespoke coffee shops and sit in a circle writing, then sharing, their poetry. The proses were overwrought in attempts to define and describe love. It barely scratched the surface of lived experience. They mostly knew of like and wanting. They didn’t know the meaning of the verb, love -or that it is a verb, an action; a behavior. It is not a line you drop to claim someone or a tool used to beg for forgiveness, “Don’t you know I love you though!”  

You can love the taste, the smell, the touch or feel, the look of any number of things.  

To love someone is a deed. It needs fewer words and more action. Behavior tells… 

I love to see couples holding hands. Touching speaks volumes…


I consider how out of all the hundreds of thousands of faces I see and may interact with on social media, we have made some sort of connection. I love how people synch up through the morass. I love considering all the other possibilities and how we still managed to make our way to one another. It is exciting to think I made a concerted effort, but that whatever you were projecting was an intention on your part, too. Just the right time. Just the right person. Just the right person at the right time.  

Lust is temporary insanity –Brocka, ‘01 

Lucian Freud, Girl with Closed Eyes

When we’re lucky, we can know without a doubt. A spark. Doubt means no. Stop doubting your own doubt. Be brave enough to announce it. We’re all short on time around here. Be an adult. Also, be as carefree as a child and announce the emotion. But don’t throw yourself in the floor. Very unbecoming. The company may leave; the household staff may break face.


Loving someone and being in love with someone are two entirely different things.  

I said, ‘I love you,’ with the generosity of a friend. I didn’t let the weight of silence linger before l explained, ‘I simply love having you in my life; the joy you bring.’ It doesn’t have to be so intense, just caring. The love between friends can be much looser and freer, not tied up in any possession or neediness.  
Possessive love is immature and afraid -afraid of being left. Jealousy is a form of possession.  

True love never leaves. True love is unconditional.  


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