Love and Loss

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Love. Universal; and just as many ways to express it, feel it, and describe it. This video uses scientific visuals to artistically illustrate love. My favorite is the first of the six.

What Love Looks Like, videos 1-6 from Tangible Graphics on Vimeo.

Stunning and provocative. Surreal landscapes made with the human body.


Well this is curious. I really can’t imagine wanting to meet some stranger on the public transportation offered in Dallas. But for European cities which rely entirely on metros and subways, your chances of meeting someone decent may increase. ‘Prague transportation officials have suggested a novel way to help combat big city loneliness: introducing singles cars on the Prague metro’ Love in the Time of Public Transportation Even if I were single, I’d still be weary of riding solo.

Loss. Our lives or our loved one’s. People really are divided between two camps: those who fear death and those who don’t. Two scientists debate Is Immortality Plausible? We do live with such advanced technology and the ageless benefits of surgeries.

This is super interesting. How would you write your own? The 7-Word Autobiographies of Famous Writers, Musicians, Artists, & Philosophers  And some think twitter’s 140 character limit is difficult…

Loss is more than ‘a someone’. We fail at our goals, and we fail at our big dreams. In the land of internet and self-promotion, tons of tech start-ups and kickstarter campaigns and non-profits just flat-out fail. Entrepreneurs need to talk about failure.

To be human is to feel all extremes.


BrockaLove and Loss

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