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I had this momentum going last week in which I posted a handful of times, with overly ambitious determination it seems; because when I woke Sunday morning (illness beginning at 5 am), I proceeded to have a meltdown over the phone with my best guy friend freaking out that I CAN’T GET ANYTHING DONE! Later, when I was mobile and could keep food down, we met for a walk in the sunshine.

I’m constantly hard on myself, no new news there! When I thought I had it in the bag, there was a giant tear and everything fell out of the bottom. image

Splat, recently shown at The Dallas Contemporary

Splat, recently shown at The Dallas Contemporary

So I’m just gonna keep trying this again, again, again…

‘Everybody has excuses. Excuses are excuses, but that’s not a good reason.’ -my mom

And what could I say Sunday after Saturday’s tragedy? Be on the defense for our president, as if he was to blame for it? So ludicrous. As I said in the post Too Far Gone, we are playing the blame game within a grievance society. It is our nature to want an excuse, otherwise conspiracy theories wouldn’t have any prominence. There will always be jealousy and resentment of another. A catastrophe or circumstance can’t just be anymore though. Saturday showed us how we’re almost too partisan to collectively grieve. Regardless and sadly, evil does just exist.

I want to weed into the politics so badly, but I genuinely hate confrontation or any sort of personal attack. I already get enough Russian spam on my blog; I couldn’t imagine. But see here, this is a good point to bring up too. The Russians are everywhere and have been everywhere since before the Cold War; I’m speaking of the more sinister tentacles not some broad brush on immigration. They play the long-game almost as well as the Chinese. This is partially why at least half of the hysteria about Trump colluding with the Russians was sheer nonsense. Conversations with conspirators already in the game of conspiring does not collusion make.

Half of us are informants, say Russian expats in the UK

One person can invalidate the Steele dossier and no one seems to bother

That’s all.

How October fared in books and entertainment up tomorrow.

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