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Sunday evening. It is easy to reflect on, or feel overwhelmed by all the information our brains accumulate at the end of any given week. I rarely turn on my tv and when i do, yes, it is 1-3 news type channels for brief moments. This past week, I just wasn’t around to do so or in the mood for its repetitiveness on specific topics or coverage of one specific persons presidential run. As an aside, maybe a singular person would get less attention if you actually ignored them and stopped discussing them or their ridiculous policies via your social media channels. Ahem. Don’t you remember your mother telling you to ignore the bully or obtrusion? Eventually they get bored of not getting constant ego stroking, ahem! (again)…

I read a lot of various blogs of various types, from frivolous interior design ideas to Zen thoughts of depth. Some ideas and opinions easily resonate; some things are quickly deleted. This almost involuntary behavior is a big joy to acknowledge, how everyday we get to simply and quickly choose what we like, whether superficial or not. Never use social media for comparisons sake, that’s an obvious. But what if you only deliberately focused on things you liked? Again, give attention to where it is really due.

I recently ranted on twitter: if you aren’t adding to the discussion or another person’s benefit, then what is the point? Most writers and journalist need a paycheck, so they over-analyze one thing no one cares about and call it an article i.e. Why is Taylor Swift inviting all sorts of random musicians she’s never known or has relation with on stage with her?! This would be a Huffington Post entertainment style article. Pointless. I don’t read anything which waste my time. You know how washed up actors always end up in one movie together, cause they all needed a job. Is this something you really want to see?

Here are a few things you might find worthy of your time:

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In the same vein of education How To Get Good At What You Are Bad At Sign up for his blog too, period. Infrequent but thorough.

What do you want? Focus on that.




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