Le Changement d’Heure

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First attempt has already boiled over. I’ve cooled off and cleaned up the mess. Onto round 2. Cooking.

Regarding the title, time change. In the dark now.

I shouldn’t be rushing. I’ve just had a massage during a Sunday rainstorm; what’s more perfect? But I’m anxious, always thinking ahead. It serves me well and hinders me, equally.

I wanted today’s post to be honest about my culinary fascination and experimentation -to admit how much I disdain the word foodie, the overly staged ubiquitous food pic on instagram, yet how I equally play, experiment, serve what I’ve performed in the kitchen. If you know me, it is my history.

This post is only the commitment to Sunday posting. And now exemplifying the point from the last one: this only takes a few minutes and we make time for priorities.

As a prior book buying feign, I haven’t purchased one in eons because of my lightened minimalistic living/Audiobook addiction via the Overdrive app accessing my library. Yet I have resently sought out 3 new cookbook tombs and a sophisticated food science magazine subscription.

Oh how we ebb and flow, as we should with the seasons. As the day shortens and darkens more quickly, I am also most looking forward to the fall-winter months for the first time in my adult life. Which translates to: I will hate being cold less. I feel braver and thicker skinned in ways.

I’m quite non-pulsed about the upcoming election. Maybe I’m so burnt-out (YES) but we should all have such resilience. As who we are shall not waver in the face of corruption:disruption:destruction.

My burn out has overlapped into my podcast listening and the like. I’m liking quiet, I’m going more quiet.

If it’s the only point of this post: there is nothing wrong with quiet.

Dark does not necessary connote dark mood as a companion’s silence never implies a bad mood. It is only the time, the later hour, the colder season. Necessary.

Thorough food post scratched out, coming by Thursday.


BrockaLe Changement d’Heure

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