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I am standing in my kitchen, leaned against the counter eating a hearty, seasonal winter soup. I see your kitchen light on from across the way.

I know you work in the food industry, whether making, serving, or cleaning -it does not matter. We are all susceptible to any environment we are in, literally or subliminally.

I wonder what you are making as a meal, as you are not and never dictated by time. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are merely frameworks and concepts of linear-living people. Your clock runs counter to the office employee, the more casual everyday kind of behavior. Your later night lifestyle can be seen as counter-intuitive to human nature, but maybe now, you have the capability of running on intuition. A different worthiness.

Are you making something as simple and practical as scrambled eggs and toast? Or, are you making something more elaborate, involving the labor of multiple steps, plating with precise finger work, so full of intention and deliberate structure for beauty?  Is it inspiration or starvation feeding you? Are we motivated by artistic satisfaction or a need for sustenance? Each is worthy its own place.

Are you exhausted from your work or exalted? More hungry or motivated, different words lending to similar results. You work on your feet, hands-on tiring, making or communicating, yet constantly prolific and inspiring. Don’t let the two extremes fool you. You are the admired one, and you are the server or cleaner of it.

Humanity, we swing both ways and fall into both traps.

We can be multiple things at the same time. We are constantly living within extremes. While behaving graciously we can be thinking maliciously.

Pick the poison, pick the motivation that makes the most of it. Eat to survive or eat to thrive, making art.

Everyday is a new choice.

Both plates of food are beautiful, both plates feed me.



BrockaKitchen Basics, Life Basics

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