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This past Sunday was ideal. Given an extra hour in the falling back, I tried to sleep but mainly stirred. I did things which weren’t even on a mental to-do list though. With the extra hour, it seemed as if time slowed. I am ever so grateful when it does…

I keep various logs on projects, separate categorized to-do list, scribblings of ideas for a future-perfect self, a healthy journal habit, and middle-of-the-night notes from my dream state. Despite any visual proof on paper or constant reminders, our subconscious keeps a tally of the draws, desires. We know what needs to be done. It is not necessary to keep beating ourselves over the head with it, like mental nagging, pressing a finger into a bruise, or adding more weight on our carriage.

All the extra simply just keeps us in the mind. A lot of ambitious people get tripped up in the research verses the writing or the planning verses the doing. Perfectionist’s curse.

Spontaneity is what exalts the soul.

And Sunday, I swung on a swing set. I raked leaves and cleaned up my garden. I went into a physical bookstore and admired all the magazine options for any interest one has. This also led to me chasing someone down in the parking lot to return their glasses they’d left behind. Upon waking, I had anticipated and planned for none of these things. Possibly, I was still exalted from the day before. Saturday, I had a meeting which added more clarity to my current path, projects. In describing part of the process out loud and out of my head, I better saw the picture, the visual steps. I better clarified for myself verses solely persuading the one I was pitching. I felt an ease instead of an anxiety. I stepped into a meeting with my past to better see my future.

A blogger I follow put out a post today on not needing to do something just because you are good at it. It reminded me of one I wrote similarly years ago after shutting down the dessert business. I didn’t want to bake and sell anymore. Just because I had buyers who enjoyed my product didn’t mean I needed to keep doing it. Reflecting on the weekend, and this blogger’s reminder, I further see how aptitude doesn’t need to or get to determine how we spend our time.

The track I’m on feels confirmed. I am emboldened to wipe some slates clean as well.

Goal accomplishment is simply about knowing the steps to take; it is not about having all the information. I don’t need to write much more down or do much more research. It’s time to just jump in and feel mighty good about where I’ve already landed.


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