Is It Necessary?

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As technologically advanced and streamlined as our daily lives have become, there is still so much superfluous nonsense and excess. There’s an app or a tool or gadget or unnecessary piece of kitchen equipment for as far as your imagination and patent office line runs. Honestly, it’s ridiculous, but i’m a minimalist; so my opinion is pessimistically against ‘stuff’.

I have never played a smartphone game or a Facebook game. And I believe the invention of anything new should serve to solve a problem. Game apps fall into this category. Why are people so afraid to be bored? What is wrong with imagination? When is the last time you let your mind be? No tv, no music, just…

The door has truly been reinvented. Yes it looks cool. Is it necessary? I like it a lot truthfully, but the old open-shut still works too.



BrockaIs It Necessary?

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