Instant Gratification

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In this moment feeling the overwhelmed with words and blog post ideas, so instead of planning: will just sit down to it and go with the stream of thought.

I am absolutely one of those persons who needs the setting to be ‘right’. Morning email: reads the news and professional things before the fun or fictional things. I eat the vegetables before the protein because i’m a ‘save the best for last’ eater. I clean off the work space entirely before I can organize the external music writing lyrics. Everything for me is very orderly. The world is, science and chemistry are; humans are habitual. Our best health is about this.

Some people are actually under the impression they need chaos to feel centered, need stress or worry to feel alive. God, that is so sad. Terrible. I don’t agree with this or spend time around people that have dramatic or chaotic lives. I believe when we discipline ourselves and live calm existences we become greater beings. Delaying gratification is the number one way we become greater beings.

When we come into this world as newborn babies, there is ONE objective: survival. Everything is immediate and serious and necessary. Sleep, nurse, digest, grow…in that order too. The older we get, the more stimuli we are made aware of obviously. And still in this mode, everything in our world is survival. High school is the perfect example. Remember how important and serious you believed everything to be?! It was the smallest world to live in and the biggest fucking deal! Even if you perceived yourself as giving no damns, that in itself was your message to your peers and tiny world. What are you wearing, who are you hanging out with, what are you doing with your time…in this time of our lives, we are still about instant gratification, even if it’s just a good grade.

What I believe happens as we get older is, our individuality becomes defined, yes; but as the options and the obligations grow simultaneously, the longterm goals and the short-term satisfaction become skewed. People that have wealth know to invest and WAIT. This is a longterm goal with NO immediate satisfaction. The general (those without medical condition contributing to heaviness, i.e. thyroid problems) public of obesity is focused on instant gratification. Most hungry people think NOW, fast food, sugar-salt-starch. This behavior directly leads to disease. Every time you think ‘I want this’ and ‘I will eat this right now’ is not contributing to wellness. The playboy who wants to have a lot of sex with a lot of sexy women just wants the orgasm and the fun, and often ends up more lonely and with an STD. Instant gratification is immature. It is destructive. It does not save you money, build a healthy relationship, or improve your health. As soon as we learn this, most aspects of our life change. Think getting married or building a business or getting a pet, longterm lasting enterprises: adulthood.

Back to my promotions for meditation, it is in the resting state where we get the most done. It is in the sleeping state where our muscles grow after a heavy lifting session at the gym. It is absolutely in the delayed satisfaction and delayed gratification where we grow our income, improve our digestion (stop snacking!) and subsequently appreciate all the more of what we get and what we have, thus attributing to a most satisfying life. Simply, doesn’t food taste soooo much better when you are hungry for it.

Whew, ok. Feel free to comment.

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