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Seeing as though consistency with this blog is not my forté, I’m fairly certain it will cease as soon as I transition this whole site into my music website. Surely, within the next year, the blog will segue into tour dates and stories you can access by signing up for my newsletter. There will be a blog, but not under this format or covering any of the topics this space has been known for, i.e. book reviews, architecture, design.

Here are some behind the scenes pics from the music video to the song Hard Love.



Brocka-8yes the dress is see-through 🙂



The photographer Houston Brown can be accessed by clicking on his name below the pics on my homepage.


Onto other curiosities, I’ve always wondered how architects live. I mean, they’re creating living spaces for others, but how is their own? Fancy a snoop around the homes of eight of the world’s most prominent architects. 

Now this is a huge undertaking! A couple bought a seriously dilapidated chateau in the South of France. They are blogging the whole exhaustive restoration process. Chateau Gudanes. Yikes. But I can only imagine the glory they will be basking in during their retired lives, after the serious facelift.

The Freakonomics authors have a new book out, Think Like a Freak, and Malcolm Gladwell gives a very thorough review covering the book’s premise of retraining your brain. This one sounds super cool. Scroll down a notch for his write-up.

Ok, blog patrons, it’ll be music music music before the month of May is over.


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