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Long walks and long noodles.

Long walks are good for the soul. 75% of noodle dishes are comfort food, so they are good for the soul too. Both were a part of my weekend. The walks have been an every Sunday thing. And they never involve a cell phone. I really love my cozy quaint neighborhood smack center in the high rise metropolis and cultural abundance of Dallas. If I spit out of my front door it’d hit a museum, bistro, tapas bar, or The Ritz. But I love my job more and will move again as soon as I can. I hate putting the miles on my car. And truthfully I don’t frequent any of the places in my neighborhood. Very rarely anyway.

Oh how far I’ve come

The dreams and expectations for my life are becoming greatly clarified. I’ve always gaged my life by my desires, how mature those desires are. Then I consider, ‘what was I thinking about a year ago that put me in the place I am in currently?’ Where we each are in life is a series of domino effects and always will be.

I recognize the tiniest flash of want, like a pinprick; then all of the sudden: here it is! All of my ‘just want to writewritewrite’, then Monday my supervisor gifts me a journal of writing prompts as a gift, from the mundane to the impactful questions. Reminding me I have no excuse. Wednesday I had a recollection of carrot cake, how it’d been forever since I’d had it. Friday I stopped by a friends and they had a slice leftover from a restaurant in their refrigerator and offered it to me. I thought of course

These are trivial examples of what happens for me all the time, and I consider it may really be this easy. It should be easy. Life is not meant to be hard. Do you really think you were put on this earth to suffer?

NYC Hunter's Moon via NPR

                                                                                  NYC Hunter’s Moon via NPR

We are in the throws of a full moon. One of three big, impactful full moons before the new year. Anger, duh! Expunging, necessary. Get out of the comfort zone. Break the bad habits. Cleanse, detox, whatever you need to do. In political news, I’m glad the GOP in America is deteriorating. The slate needs to be wiped clean, start afresh. None of us want to be associated with Donald Trump.

Macro and micro. Thinking about what I want and what I want my life to look like in the grand scheme. My current job is not a longterm pursuit of mine but delightful now. Whereas the future involves a garden and lots of walks. And the book(s) writing…


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