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The once hot topic of the NSA is now tepid tap water. Yes, the details keep getting worse as they’re further exposed, but us, the viewers and readers of the news seem non-pulsed. Or at least i do, let me not put feelings in your mind. It (the spying) has ALWAYS happened, is still happening, and will continue to happen. Some part of me has always felt affection for the noir government espionage, multi-language speaking, world traveling, closet wheeling and dealing bit of the human experience. The way I describe it may sound Hollywood-esque but the real mystery isn’t. And that’s it, there really is no mystery. It’s the WHO particularly. And this is why hackers and groups like Anonymous can and will do more damage. They are faceless and nameless. Cyber war is equally, if not more dangerous than Islamic terrorism. We are all running  on electricity and the grid. And we can go nowhere and do no thing without it. Just think if the stock market computers suddenly crashed…

England (London specifically) has been a nanny-state before the Tea Party ever first uttered the word. There are cameras everywhere! And by everywhere, i literally mean every.street.corner. Here is an example of when big government pisses me off, mind manipulation. Tesco is a chain grocery in the UK, and they’re about to start scanning patron’s faces. Adverts are about to become discriminating

In a debate on Facebook today regarding banning partially hydrogenated oils, the slippery slope argument was made. Firstly, it’s not applicable to this item, like other foods or vices such as alcohol and gambling. Yes, government should get out of people’s personal lives and we should be allowed to make horrible personal choices. But PHO’s were implemented into food as a shelf-stabilizing ingredient (which is chemically equal to plastic!) Thus, if there is a way to package and successfully sell food products without this ingredient, then that is a technological advancement; and like all advancements we phase out what no longer works. Please, point out someone driving a Model T or talking on a Motorola cell phone. We are doing away with it because it is useless. It is being banned because it is harmful! Again, plastic.

And on the topics of gambling, smoking, and other values: Is America Less Moralistic…?

I’m watching you. Eat a vegetable 😉


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