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Architecture has always fascinated me. This alone is a broad statement. More so, the way we actually make homes out of different environments speaks volumes on our adaptability, our ingenuity, and the extreme differences in our socio-economic status.

These homes are in drastically different places.



I read a thorough piece in Vanity Fair magazine this past weekend on the most expensive, seclusive neighborhood in the world, One Hyde Park in London. I’m talking elevators, bullet proof-sound proof everything, finger scanning entrances, underground private car entrances which take you right up to your front door, etc… Only a handful of the apartments are listed under human dwellers; they’re mainly owned by companies, LLCs and the like, almost like a real estate write-off. Is this possible with an $11,000 per square foot price tag?! Then, this morning Business Insider has an article on The Billionaires Who Live In….

Of course there is the other extreme, the tiniest apartment ever!

Locker-1I think growing up in Manhattan is one of the most unique experiences in all of the United States. There are many extremes, from the UWS (Upper Westside) to Harlem, to Brooklyn or the Bronx. Each neighborhood has its own character. This is a great link to various perspectives.

BrockaHow We Live

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