How We Are, It Is

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Not sure how this will turn out; there is so much I have been thinking about. My recent vacation was nice, nothing more than nice. Its subsequent trick at forcing me to reflect on what I want again, and again, how I spend my time when i’m left to freely wonder and wander…this is where my mind has been. And I’m moving again, again! Excited, genuinely. I can’t possibly get rid of more than I did to get here, and I’m going for more space -as I just need it to breathe.

I did confirm I’m best not idle and my desire for hands-y activities, and real work task still stands. It’s all meditative actually. I also don’t necessarily need to read while I lay about. I can just lie and be.

I had company this past Friday eve and we were chatting about our habits. It dawned on me how many times I’ve heard someone (a male I’m seeing mainly, as the intimate ones see us in these ways the most) comment on ‘my ways’.

‘You’re set in your ways’ ‘You like things a certain way’ ‘You have an ordered way about you’ ‘You’re very particular about things’

All of these comments resonate with the same theme. And defensively all I can really see as habitual is my sitting with tea and reading a bit upon waking, to properly wake up. Further still, we are all creatures of habit and we like things just so and our food cooked a particular way and I don’t see anything wrong with this. Even the most frequent business traveler, existing in different times and landing in various places takes their taste and quirks with them. Yes, most people are more fluid than myself. And yes I’m quite orderly. And no it won’t be changing soon.

Speaking of our intimates, this little diddy is so simple and so simply true. I love you, what did you have to eat?

If you really love someone, you want to know what they ate for lunch or dinner without you. Hi, sweetie, how was your day, what did you have for lunch? Or if your mate was out of town on business: How was your trip, did the meeting go well, what did you do for dinner?

And speaking of structure, the plan for the days after the Queen’s death. This article has been very popular this week; you essentially don’t know the internet exist if you haven’t read it. There’s so much about it I find endearing aside from the plan. But really I felt a bit melancholy over the current demise of ritual and tradition. The current environment is trying to raise up each individual culture to the point of beating these divisions over our figurative heads. Subsequently, we are starting to dilute a general set of class and customs, a formality mainly rooted in kindness and self-respect, ironically. Yes, they are often older habitual structures.


BrockaHow We Are, It Is

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