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Often, and this happens quite often: I’ll be thinking on a scene or place, a forgotten person, or an idea : and then immediately someone is going to or returning from that place, a number of food bloggers are manipulating a nut or vegetable in the same off-handed way, the long lost friend calls or actor is back in the news randomly, and a business blogger will acknowledge the same concept or working theory I just settled on. Call it coincidence, but this happens weekly, consistently.

I know that the internet in and of itself is a brain; but it is connecting us in a new way too. A micro example of this: a couple very disparate blogs I read will all be resonating on a same theme. And not to toot a personal horn, but I read and follow a wide array of information, so it’s very fascinating when I can almost visualize these circles of communities spinning together and conjoining in ways around my own thoughts in my mind.

Because I know this sounds crazy, here is a small example via post I received in my inbox all within a small timeframe. There is always a theme. What theme is running through your head, and are you consciously (deliberately is better) picking up answers, or just re-affirming your own thoughts?

From the science perspective via Highbrow: regarding bubbles


‘A sphere is the smallest possible shape. Nature does not exert more energy than it needs to. The natural world around us has figured out the most economical way to be. The reason bubbles maintain a spherical or round shape is because that is the smallest shape to hold the volume of air and soap inside the ring of water. In other words, water does not want to create more work for itself than it needs to, and a round shape allows it to do just that.’

From the Zen Thinking perspective: Everything yields to honesty

Honesty will liberate you.

This purifying nature of honesty is one of truth, sincerity, humility and vulnerability; redeeming traits that earn you nothing but trust, confidence and respect.

Without honesty in your life, struggles never end. When truth is ignored, pains only continue to grow until they consume you.

As they say, the truth will set you free, even though it might sting.

But in the end, everything yields to honesty.


From the entrepreneur perspective of Seth Godin, on opposition


 The opposite of creativity is fear.

And fear’s enemy is creativity.

The opposite of yes is maybe.

Because maybe is non-definitive, and both yes and no give us closure and the chance to move ahead.

Perfect is the enemy of good.

Us is not the enemy of them. Us is the opposite of alone.

They can become us as soon as we permit it.

Everything is the opposite of okay. Everything can never be okay. Except when we permit it.

The right is not the opposite of the left. Each side has the chance to go up, which is precisely the opposite of down.

Dreams are not the opposite of reality. Dreams inform reality.

Maybe it’s just me, but these 3 points are saying the same thing clearly. And I can’t be the only one recognizing patterns around themselves.


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