Honest to Goodness

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If this phrase-idiom isn’t both Christian and southern, I don’t what to say to ‘y’all’!

“a real honest-to-god live cowboy”; “had us a high old time”; “went upriver to look at a sure-enough fish wheel”

((what the f*** is a fish wheel, seriously))

Colloquially, it is the preface to an exclamation. Instead of saying ‘Oh God!’ (or) ‘Oh my God!’, (oh G*d or Oh my G*d – if you are Jewish) -it is  both raw and without taking Jesus name in vain. I am neither church going or of this habit. I lean towards ‘mother f***’ truth be told, especially when driving. Maybe if I were making a pie and, ‘honest to goodness’ this fruit would be better than that fruit. 🙂 Every cliché has its place.

What i love about it: It is literal. It isn’t just a filler or wannabe cuss-word. When we are honest, we get what we want and what we deserve. When we are lying, we get what we deserve, too. Of course there is a moral obligation to not lie. BUT, we all know how beneficial a white lie can be to saving face, saving feelings, saving our sanity. No one needs details here. Are you human? You have lied. Lying is often and most always, selfish. If youve read my blog long enough, you know I am not a hater of selfishness; it is our survival. It is a sacred part of our communication, and *this* is the damn honest to goodness truth.

What I do not condone is lying to YOURSELF. We can easily project, manipulate, and conform the world around us, but we will NEVER be able to lie to ourselves. We want to believe certain things and we want others to believe certain things about us: FACT. These things, ‘thoughts’, behaviors work for us or against us. If you are lying about what you need to do to be healthier or happier, you will live in misery, you will manifest disease in your body, you will become angry and resentful…

Do you want to do business with, work for, or have a relationship with anyone who isn’t honest?

not fake or counterfeit; “a genuine Picasso”; “genuine leather”

We are in the tech and robotic world. We are far removed from any ‘take me at my word, handshake’ kind of dealings. Marriages involve prenups. Company buy-outs involve multiple lawyers and the entire board voting. Buying a damn house or condo involves your accountant, your bank, credit lenders, credit history, and co-op boards personalizing your behavior and relationships! (East coast vs West coast)

We are ALL here to survive. Honestly, trust your gut. Some things we deliberate on. Some things leave us feeling shake-y. We are meant to do good and be good and feel good. Some lying is avoiding meanness or pain.

Addendum: I know this isn’t one topic focused, but everything relates to everything. Personally, the greatest experiences I have manifested and the great friends I have made have been from spontaneity. You must never doubt. Do not over-think. Maybe and doubt = NO. When we are most honest, we are not doubting. When we are most honest with ourselves and the people in our life, we are feeling most good and being most good.

Addendum 2: please don’t pull out your Bible. I will throw quotes back.

Postscript: I admire those who do not cuss.

BrockaHonest to Goodness

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