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I remember the phone calls between a close girlfriend and myself succeeding her fiancé canceling the wedding: the understandable and necessary sadness and pain. The only relief I could offer was the fact that it would one day be a memory; plus the overused cliché, ‘everything happens for a reason’. “You will be glad one day this wedding didn’t happen.” Of course she is now!

But does it really? Does everything happen for a reason? Is it pressure we like to take off ourselves? Maybe both. If you’re a glass half full person, then yes: it is all about perspective. But if you’re a glass half empty person, one thing may temporarily derail your entire life plan. [doesn’t just reading that line cause a certain pain?] Know regardless, it is all about perspective, that is a fact. Personally, I am most productive on grey rainy days.

How do we ever know anything without hindsight… (mainly rhetorical, such as why I removed the question mark)

No matter how your glass is filled, all of us seem to agree on hindsight. The after-the-fact, the wisdom of *now* when we needed it *then*. But very few consider the most obvious in their day to day life. In making everyday decisions, we can use hindsight to our advantage. I consistently try to remind others of it: ‘the domino effect’. What we have done before leads us to where we are now, a basic cause and effect. The choices we have made have us in our current circumstances. Humorously enough, the Genius World Record just showcased The Largest Human Mattress Dominoes It is so ridiculous, (for its concentrated form of energy with no applicable purpose other than fun) but the visual affect is perfect here. I have seen and applied it to my life for my entire adult life. The domino effect and hindsight really go hand in hand. We can see what has come before in relation to what you want or where you wan to further go.

domino effect

Coincidentally, I’m on the precipice of grand decisions in a short-ish amount of time. Yet, over the last month I’ve been in a very casual, extreme laissez-faire mode, a Zen frame of mind. I have no anxiousness. When I need to choose this or that, I will know what. When I need to pick here or there, I will know where. Everything has always worked out, even -often especially- when I decide at the last minute or spontaneously. I have gotten this far in life. Why all of the sudden, for the very first time, would things not work out?

This acknowledgement makes funny the things I do worry about. Subsequently, the thing(s) I worry about gets immediate relief and resolution as soon as I remind myself how unnecessary the worry is and I focus on extreme gratitude. I’m doing well, doing fine, and I love knowing this.

Why Radical Change is Easier Than You Think Yes.

Addendum: I don’t discuss my consulting work-life much. My Linkedin profile hints at my having ‘wellness clients’. But again coincidentally, there are 3 main things I bring to the table consistently:

  • It is all about perspective.
  • Hindsight will better serve you NOW.
  • Use process of elimination when you you are having a hard time making a decision. (it is better than listing pros vs cons)

I feel all three can be applied to this post. Hopefully, one or all can help you.

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