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I sat in meditation every day this past week for the first time since I first tried this practice when i was 8 years old.(a whole other story) It was the only thing I could do to rest my mind and restore my energy, other than the B multi and tablespoon of bee pollen (energy and energy) As I’m officially grossed out from coffee and super grateful to say that. I have wanted to leave coffee for awhile. There are addictions that have held my wellness hostage. (more future stories)

The last two weeks have been very heavy. Other than the beauty of elevating our acknowledgement of Pluto and recognizing the existence of another ‘almost’ Earth, we have been facing the banal, very low-vibrating exhaustive energy of racism, shootings, and bloviated narcissistic politicians, and the continuous proliferation of evil. It’s exhausting to ignore it, to feel helpless, and to suffer the consequences. It is worse to feel inconsequential ‘what can I do?’; but it is more dangerous to not pay attention, too. Of all cliché quotes, ‘ignorance is bliss’ pisses me off the most. Disastrous really.

I hate being silent here and not blogging. I write a lot; I just don’t put it out. This is my biggest mental stress, not sharing. It starts to broken record loop in me and I feel I’m bubbling over with trivial or trivia or fun and goofy, or all things really; I just need to be in this space more. I find writing very healing. Whether my music or general expression…

I dont have a theme for this blog but I figured if I tell stories this will be ok. People who want to read them will stay, and people who arent meant to -will leave. Hanging around and pretending to be someone you aren’t is exhaustive.

When i sit in meditation I only want to quiet down and heal. But it’s really a moment to loosen up and let go. In this fucked up painful world, sometimes the only thing we can do is take care of ourselves and this is really all you and me need to do.

I have stories to tell you. We all have healing to do.

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