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Maybe it was the start of summer, the heat lending to more cold fresh salad cravings -or the variety of fresh sweet fruit screaming ‘nature’s candy!’. There have been a handful of reasons why I’ve tweaked some personal habits in the last few months, like tea over coffee. One thing I’ve always known from years of having studied and one half year of having parasites, our digestion IS our immune system. This is why the axiom ‘food can heal, food can kill’ is so spot on. It is also a topic I am not shy about discussing. You know when things aren’t working, it effects everything.

So yeah, this book Gut, The Inside Story of Our Bodies Most Underrated Organ is right up my alley! It is really fascinating and fun and illustrative without being disgusting. You will have a much better appreciation for yourself by seeing how awesomely efficient our bodies our at wanting to take care of us.

Read about the super cool, young girl German author via Techly


Here are some super intelligent, in tune, and holistic woman to add the your blog reading line-up, if you don’t already know of them.

Kimberley Snyder nutritionist to the stars, wholistic foods and yogi

Kris Carr mind-body-spirit, super fun and engaging

Sophie Uliano green healthy living

There are many more but these are my tops.

But what’s the good of eating healthy if you aren’t getting the healthiest nutrition out of what you are eating? We all know about eating seasonally, but how to cook or what not to cook for optimum benefits…this book is beyond fascinating. So many useful, daily take-aways. It will absolutely change how you see the produce section  Eating On The Wild Side, The Missing Link to Optimum Health

Addendum, I hate how yogurts have become the pimp of probiotics. If you are a female under this delusion, you should know those beneficial bacteria are long dead during the processing of that yogurt. This marketing scam pisses me off so much. A simple trick is buy one in the fridge section of a health foods store, and keep it stored.

Here’s to you!




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