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The links i wanted to share for your weekend reading take more serious consideration, if you take your health seriously.

Just like i’ve mentioned in a recent post ‘selling you the poison and the remedy’, in a similar vein the majority of food producers own the name brand and the off-brand, thus the money is still being funneled into that one corporation regardless of which you buy. When organic products started to move from hipster purchases to a mega-billiion dollar profit opportunity over the last 15 years, a number of old-school labelled traditional brands (i.e. Dole) bought up these lesser known names shelling out the organic goods. All sorts of integrity has been lost in those quality items. Things have progressively gotten worse

And by now we should all know the worst food evils: hydrogenated oil (especially soy) and high-fructose corn syrup. But it appears even when quenching your thirst with a non-sugar fueled beverage, you still may be killing yourself. ugh! Every time i’ve consumed one of these i’ve gotten a horrible headache. No wonder.

Cancer death rates are declining but actual cases are increasing. Here’s why Remember all the hoop-la about the HPV vaccine schools were wanting to require of its students a couple years ago? Just like the flu vaccine, it introduces poison and potentially worse side effects. The article gets into that too. I just remember internally cussing Gov. Rick Perry of Texas when he was advocating this. Just horrid.

Well then, Cheerio! Have a nice weekend.


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