Headline Glance, Heavy Consequence

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Preface, I’m sorry I do not have time to read what article or blogpost you believe you’ve put so much effort into.

A lot of time could be saved if the IRS was eliminated. A lot of tax payer money could’ve been saved if it was/is FUCKING OBVIOUS that Tsarnaev is guilty of ALL 30 counts against him. I do, G*d Bless that we have a ‘trial of our peers’ sitting jury during most crimes, but sometimes we should not waste time. There are many people who would charge $1 just to shoot him in the head. (I really don’t give a damn what you think about me for being so blatant. it’s your projections, not mine. Yay, capital punishment!) Now, tax payers have to waste more money to let him sit around and get fed and tv’supped and walked in a courtyard and treated like a baby that needs nursing everyday. Mother fuck. Our dime.

When I started at my current job 8 months ago, I quickly realized that there were even fewer evening hours to read and follow up on any of my personal interest, thus I quickly narrowed down what was most priority. Turns out, not a lot. And a lot, frankly, is a waste of time. But because I do deliberately make time for investigating various sides of an argument (to the detriment of my of my personal relationships, sorry #notsorry  I like to read and *know*), I’m now at the point where I can glance at a headline and have a general idea of what the ‘journalist’/ author is trying to convey. I also can presume via the news organization what the bias will be. I’m always right about that. Regardless if the news source in consideration is.

The current Rolling Stones fiasco is proof positive, that 1) there is no real journalist integrity, 2) even when proven manipulative, the author is not fired, thus WE ARE CURRENTLY LIVING IN A SOCIETY THAT HOLDS NO ONE ACCOUNTABLE, and 3) Please read number 2 again. Pointing out the obvious, as stated earlier, when we do hold people accountable: it’s either a long, drawn-out made for tv trial over sensationalism (Amanda Knox) or long, drawn-out trial when the evidence has spoken (Tsarnaev). You may not be watching it, reading about it, or generally wasting your time; but here’s a friendly April reminder: Your TAx Dollars Are Paying For It.

Hillary Clinton will run for president and none of her history will be brought up by the media. And if so, the Democratic party feels confident enough to lie and manipulate their way past it. Why is she being held up as a feminist paradigm when she has SOLD HER SOUL to stay married to the world’s most well-known philanderer, Bill Clinton. Who does this make sense to? Ignorant people. How many times will this woman be caught guilty of perjury? She laughs on tape over a lawyer friend getting off on raping a 12yr old girl. WTF The Clinton Body Count In the very very very least, she burned a server with emails implicating her on Benghazi, hiding the president’s negligence.

Bowe Bergdahl: 8 men died rescuing this piece of shit traitor, Islamic convert. Even his father tweeted directly to Taliban recruiters that he was still working to see justice done for the captured Guantanamo Bay detainees. Oh yeah, a little ‘Alla Hu Akbar’ during the press conference after freeing his son. WAKE THE FUCK UP. You don’t think both he and his parents converted during that 5 years he was captured and NOT KILLED or beheaded, like anyone else that has ever been captured.

What is most detrimental to us all, is when people have ample evidence, yet their bias and willful ignorance insures to destroy and pain us all. Every one has to live with the consequences of how you vote, picket, communicate, and behave. Chicago is the murder capital of the United States and the most corrupt mayor living, Rahm Emanuel was just elected again.

What are your tax dollars paying for? What are you willfully perpetuating? For fuck’s sake. Maybe you shouldn’t quickly glance and a headline, and do a little more research.

So here we are. The truth is, we all stick firmly to who we are. You read or watch the news that serves you, and your general opinion about the world is formed thusly. We are all guilty of our own bias. Stating this case means, each person’s reality is fairly molded. Even if you were to be sitting at a delicious meal over candlelight and inhibition loosening alcohol, the arguments presented at the table by people you respect and admire aren’t going to change your mind. Why is this so? Can you admit this about yourself? How fixed are you?

It’s really interesting and deliberate all the online players trying to be noticed and read and commented on. Most of us want a piece, and the pie has gotten larger. The hardest part, and often the most useless waste of our time is trying to change another person’s mind.


BrockaHeadline Glance, Heavy Consequence

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